Want Me to Speak?

I would love to speak at your event! My favorite topics include:

Financial Literacy

Budgeting & Money Management

Breaking Generational Curses



Raising Kid-Preneurs

Thriving in Corporate America

Building a Sustainable Side Hustle

Wife Mode, Mommy Mode, Boss Mode (The Many Hats we wear)

Need Author Coaching?

Need Author Coaching?

Self-Published Author? Book sales struggling? Need help coming up with strategies to increase sales, and to create other products that will sustain your book business? Schedule a FREE 30 min consultation with me to discuss strategies on how to increase engaging content, reach your ideal reader, and get your book into the hands of those readers for your Book Business

Need a Workshop/Webinar for your Organization?

We have connected with local Elementary Schools, University Campuses, Nonprofit Organizations like Boys & Girls Club. Do you need a budget workshop? Want a virtual reading for your organization? Desire a piggybank creating workshop? We are able to serve you virtually & physically! Connect with us today!


For any Booking & Speaking Inquiries, Please Contact:

(910) 303-6950

For any Booking & Speaking Inquiries, Please Contact:

(910) 303-6950

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